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The winners were announced and presented their awards at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre on Friday 8th September 2017
Adele Adkins Holly Willoughby Marilyn Hawes
Aspirational Public Figure
Adele Adkins
Inspirational Public Figure
Holly Willoughby
Most Inspirational
Marilyn Hawes
Rachel Carrell Rio Ferdinand Viola Edward
Most Aspirational
Rachel Carrell
Inspirational Man
Rio Ferdinand
Most Aspirational
Viola Edward
Amanda Rafferty Andrea AvietĀ  Anna Parker Naples
Inspirational Mentor
Amanda Rafferty
Inspirational Fundraiser
Andrea AvietĀ 
Anna Parker Naples
Dianne Woodford Dr Eline Pedersen Jordan Goodridge
Dianne Woodford
Human Rights
Dr Eline Pedersen
Next Generation
Jordan Goodridge
Kelly Waite Leanne Greengrass Penny Lancaster

Kelly Waite

Leanne Greengrass
Style & Elegance
Penny Lancaster
Robbie Matthews Sawiyya Mohammed Trudi Beswick
Robbie Matthews
Inspirational Student
Sawiyya Mohammed
Lifetime Achievement
Trudi Beswick
Vanessa Potter Veronica Tan We Are The City
Vanessa Potter
Inspirational Global Woman
Veronica Tan
Inspirational Company
We Are The City
Wendy Dunn Katie Taylor  
Wendy Dunn
Katie Taylor

Carlton Bolling

Inspirational Team
Carlton Bolling College

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