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Despite only being in the UK for three years Mirela has achieved an enormous amount of success being an inspiration for women everywhere. In addition to her outstanding work at ‘Women’s Solace Aid’ whilst simultaneously studying for her PhD into domestic violence, Mirela is also Editor-in-Chief of her own outstanding women’s magazine ‘Migrant Woman’ (now re-branded ‘Global Woman’.) She has also published many books and organised a lot of events, including a successful conference in London in 2015 to celebrate the achievements of Migrant Women everywhere

.As a single woman with a thirteen year old son coming from a very small country, Albania, Mirela has faced and overcome a lot of personal challenges whilst simultaneously working to empower migrant women across the UK.Over the years Mirela, who also holds a Masters’ Degree in ‘Psychology and Counselling’, has inspired women from every walk of life by speaking at conferences all over the world and demonstrating by example what any woman can achieve if they believe in themselves. As a qualified Psychologist, Mirela has also helped numerous women to overcome their problems, insecurities and fears in many different scenarios.

Mirela is currently organising a prestigious Global Woman’s Summit in London for June 2016 and continues to focus on helping women in every way whilst simultaneously acting as a spokesperson for women’s issues and women’s rights regardless of colour, culture or creed.I believe she is well worthy of this important award.