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Anikka Burton was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer 4 years ago at the age of 33. Recently married she explains ‘everything fell apart in that instant. My future, that I had previously mapped out; new house, children, career, became a big black question mark.’

Having lost her mother to the same disease when she was young, Anikka has first-hand experience of both going through treatment herself and also watching a loved one suffer, and was determined to use her experience to help others. Following her treatment she has set up a successful online business ( selling pretty and practical get well gifts. She feels very privileged to be able to speak to and help people affected by cancer and other serious illnesses on a daily basis.

‘Every day I speak to loved ones of cancer patients and also the patients themselves and am able to offer advice, hope, comfort and point them in the direction of resources that were an incredible support to me and my family when I was diagnosed. It can be rather close to home and emotional, but I have received so many wonderful emails and letters thanking me, so I know I am helping and making a difference, and that is extremely rewarding.’ She has also used her business to raise thousands of pounds for various cancer charities.

Anikka says ‘I feel very honoured to have been nominated for this award. If being ‘inspirational’ means that my story inspires others to realise that there can be a light at the end the end of the tunnel, then I am delighted’.